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Tektronix MDO MSO DPO 2000 3000 4000 3 Series

Certified LabVIEW Plug and Play (project-style) Instrument Driver

Driver Specifications




USB, Ethernet

Instrument Type(s):


Driver Version:


Original Release Date:


Update Release Date


Models Tested:

MDO34, MSO3052, MSO4032, DPO2022B, MSO2024B, DPO3054, DPO4102B, DPO4054B, MDO4104B-3, MDO3104, DPO4104, MDO4104-6, MDO4104C

Other Supported Models:

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Driver Ratings:

31 Ratings | 3.42 out of 5
The driver download for LabVIEW NXG requires NI Package Manager
If you are using LabVIEW NXG, you already have NI Package Manager installed. Notice that this is a different utility than VI Package Manager. If you have not downloaded NI Package Manager, download it now.

Download Driver and Related Software

Use the chart below to download the right driver for your ADE. To download the required software, visit  Drivers and Updates.

Application Development Environment Minimum Software Required
LabVIEW 2013 Upgrade  NI-VISA 5.4Login to Download
LabVIEW 2019 Upgrade  NI-VISA 5.4Login to Download
LabVIEW 2020 Upgrade  NI-VISA 5.4Login to Download
LabVIEW 2021 Upgrade  NI-VISA 5.4Login to Download
LabVIEW NXG 2.0 Upgrade  NI-VISA 5.4Login to Download

Models Supported by this Driver
Models Tested? Description
DPO2002B Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO2004B Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO2012 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO2012B Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO2014 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO2014B Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO2022B Yes Oscilloscope
DPO2024 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO2024B Oscilloscope
DPO3012 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO3014 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO3032 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO3034 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO3052 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO3054 Yes Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4032 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4034 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4034B Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4054 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4054B Yes Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4102B Yes Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4102B-L Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4104 Yes Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4104B Oscilloscope
DPO4104B-L Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
MDO3012 Oscilloscope
MDO3014 Oscilloscope
MDO3022 Oscilloscope
MDO3024 Oscilloscope
MDO3032 Oscilloscope
MDO3034 Oscilloscope
MDO3052 Oscilloscope
MDO3054 Oscilloscope
MDO3102 Oscilloscope
MDO3104 Yes Oscilloscope
MDO32 Oscilloscope
MDO34 Yes Oscilloscope
MDO4014B-3 Oscilloscope
MDO4024C Oscilloscope
MDO4034-3 Oscilloscope
MDO4034B-3 Oscilloscope
MDO4034C Oscilloscope
MDO4054-3 Oscilloscope
MDO4054-6 Oscilloscope
MDO4054B-3 Oscilloscope
MDO4054B-6 Oscilloscope
MDO4054C Oscilloscope
MDO4104-3 Oscilloscope
MDO4104-6 Yes Oscilloscope
MDO4104B-3 Yes Oscilloscope
MDO4104B-6 Oscilloscope
MDO4104C Yes Oscilloscope
MSO2002B Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO2004B Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO2012 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO2012B Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO2014 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO2014B Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO2022B Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO2024 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO2024B Yes Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO3012 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO3014 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO3032 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO3034 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO3052 Yes Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO3054 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO4032 Yes Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO4034 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO4034B Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO4054 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO4054B Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO4102B Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO4102B-L Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO4104 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO4104B Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
MSO4104B-L Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

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