Multipath Fading Emulator (MFE) by Skytechnology Emulate Multipath Fading Effect of Wireless Communication

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  • Runs on PXIe-5646 PXI Vector Signal Transceiver; 200 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • Notch frequency run-time configurable over the whole bandwidth; slew rate up to 300 MHz/s
  • Notch depth run-time configurable up to 40 dB over 98% of bandwidth; slew up to 300 dB/s
  • Fractional delay of second path run-time programmable; subnanoseconds resolution
  • Additional impairments available: flat fading, noise, narrowband interference
  • Center frequency and gain of RF In and RF Out streams independently configurable
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The Multipath Fading Emulator (MFE) is a Skytechnology software product developed to emulate the selective fading due to multipath propagation on microwave radio paths.

The MFE works with the NI PXIe-5646 PXI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST), a single device that combines a vector signal analyzer and vector signal generator with a user-defined FPGA.

The MFE implements the “Two-Rays” channel model using a custom FPGA configuration for the VST. You can simulate the effect of multipath propagation on the RF channel by (1) controlling directly the frequency and depth of the notch introduced by the channel model or (2) setting a different fractional delay of the interfering ray. You can vary all impairments parameters (notch frequency and depth, flat fading, second path delay) with a user-defined slew rate to make them automatically loop in a user-defined range of values with the set slew rate.

The MFE architecture adheres to the underlying hardware: signal acquisition, processing, and generation are carried on an FPGA, while system/test configuration and HMI are managed at a higher level on an integrated PXI controller.

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Multipath Fading Emulator (MFE) by Skytechnology
786436-35Skytechnology Multipath Fading Emulator (MFE)5 - 10$ 25,000.00
Recommended Hardware
782952-01NI PXIe-5646R VST: 200 MHz BW10 - 15$ 70,202.00
780321-01PXIe-1082, 8-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis12 - 20$ 4,939.00
784007-04PXIe-8840 Quad-Core, Win 7 (64-bit)5 - 10$ 7,279.00

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