MGI Class Method Browser by Moore Good Ideas, Inc. IDE Enhancement to Show Available Methods for a Class

  • Lists available methods for a class
  • Walks up the inheritance tree for methods available in parent classes
  • Respects method scope
  • Available messages are displayed for actors
  • Download
The MGI Class Method Browser is a Quick Drop-like window that filters the contents based on the class you have selected. Just click on a wire (or tunnel or terminal, etc.) that contains a class, press the Class Method Browser shortcut (default Ctrl-C), and then receive a list of VIs that you can call on that wire. The browser goes up the inheritance tree to find methods and filters out messages that you can’t call because of access scope restrictions.

When in actor mode, instead of showing methods that you can call on a class, the Class Method Browser displays messages you can send to the actor. If you have selected an actor’s wire, it shows you messages only for that actor. It again goes up the inheritance tree and finds all messages you can send to that actor’s parent, parent’s parent, and so on. If you have anything else (or nothing selected), the Class Method Browser shows you all actor framework messages in the project.

Support Information
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