GPower Toolsets Reuse Libraries for the LabVIEW Developer

  • Streamlined error handling
  • Advanced timing functions
  • Overflow arithmetic
  • High-performance intraprocess communication (VI Registers)
  • Easy launch of dynamic VIs
  • Additional functions for arrays, comparisons, events, and strings
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GPower reuse libraries add a variety of general-purpose functions to the NI LabVIEW development environment. GPower Toolsets include:

Error and Warning
Streamline common error-handling tasks such as set, filter, and clear errors and warnings, and unbundle the error cluster. This feature supports transporting multiple errors inside the standard error wire instead of using an array of errors. Offers dynamic setting of custom global errors, that you can invoke from anywhere in your application.

Calculate elapsed and remaining time and abort a running Wait function, for example.

VI Registers
Create and destroy high-performance "global variables" at run time, and scope them as you please. With VI Registers, you can pass data between any corner of your application. It does not involve using front panel controls, files, or a LabVIEW project--it all happens in the block diagram.

VI Launcher
Open, pass data to, and run dynamic VIs. This library makes this cumbersome process using VI Server easy.

Support Information
For technical support, please contact GPower at:

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