UI Control Suite: System Controls 2.0 Enhance User Interfaces with Additional System Controls

  • Add system controls (for Windows) for graphs, charts, gauges, arrays, and clusters
  • New icon-based buttons for common tasks
  • Streamline application user interfaces with system controls that invoke user familiarity
  • Integrates directly into your palettes
  • Download
This custom control suite offers additional LabVIEW system controls, which are effective for developing user interfaces because they change appearance depending on which platform you use to run the VI. When you run the VI on a different platform, the system controls adopt the platform’s color and appearance to match the standard dialog box controls for that platform. This provides a more familiar interface in NI LabVIEW software.

However, not all controls are available within the system palette, particularly the special LabVIEW controls and indicators used in many applications - graphs, clusters, arrays, and so on. The UI Control Suite: System Controls 2.0 download offers LabVIEW controls customized to work with default Windows OS controls. You can use these controls directly or apply them to develop more customized controls as you enhance application user interfaces.

New additions to the system controls palette include graphs, charts, gauges, arrays, clusters, and several icon-based buttons.

System Requirements
Application Software: NI LabVIEW Development System 2009 or later

Additional Information
The control suite referenced here was created by the UI Interest Group and is provided as is. All icons used are included in the Open Icon Library Project. Links to detailed information and support for this suite and to the UI Interest Group are included in the Resources tab.