Soliton Protocol Validation Solution for I2C Slave Devices Validate the I2C slave interface for spec compliance

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  • Achieve faster RTM by reducing time for protocol validation from weeks to a few hours
  • Increase product test coverage by testing corner cases, glitch recovery and communication errors
  • Perform functional, timing and voltage characterization tests on I2C slave devices
  • Save valuable debugging time with our detailed test reports
  • Easily integrate the solution with existing test automation infrastructure
  • Build custom test cases for your chip with ease
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Soliton Protocol Validation Solution for I2C Slave Devices offers an off the shelf validation tool leveraging the power of the NI PXIe-657x modular instrument to help validate device compliance with timing and electrical specifications of the I2C protocol (NXP-I2C Rev6 ). The tool can also validate the device tolerance and ability to recover from a variety of faults & exceptions. A comprehensive set of reports are generated for gaining valuable insights.

Overview of capabilities:

o Sweep & Skew bus timing parameters
o Sweep bus voltage levels
o Measure signal and response timing parameters
o Induce protocol faults
o Induce spikes/glitches on the communication bus

To know more about validating SPI, MIPI I3C® v1.1, MIPI SPMI℠ v2.0, MIPI RFFE℠ v3.0 protocols with similar capabilities visit here

Note: The solution requires the following hardware to function:
1. NI PXIe-657x modular instrument
2. Soliton PVS Interposer board
To receive your complimentary Soliton PVS interposer board after your software purchase, please contact

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Phone: +91 80 4120 8600

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