StellaNGC Plug&Play by M3 Systems RF GNSS Constellation Simulator

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  • Signal generation GPS L1C/A and GAL E1BC
  • NMEA/KML/Geodetic trajectories
  • Fast simulation date selection (RINEX-free configuration)
  • Live Satellites Power Control
  • Additional constellations/frequencies add-on
  • Multi-antenna/trajectory generation add-on
  • Download
StellaNGC Plug&Play is the latest M3 Systems product for GNSS simulation and focuses on performance and automated tests. An abstracting layer has been added (no RINEX files to be uploaded) so the user can focus on specific data while the software takes care of the remaining simulation work. This easy-to-use product provides high-end functionalities for an even more realistic simulation experience:

    -Multi-constellation/frequencies simulation
    -Multi-antenna and trajectory (fine synchronization < 1 ns)
    -Vulnerabilities generation (multi-paths, obscuration, and atmosphere effect)
    -Raw data availability (post-processing analysis and differential corrections)
    -Embedded/synchronized IMU simulation

This product supports both automotive (V2X, ADAS, AD, and so on) and mid-end aerospace and defense applications.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact M3 Systems at:

Phone Number: +33 (0) 5 62 23 10 80

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787851-35StellaNGC Plug and Play Base Package incl. GPS L1C/A & GAL E1BC5 - 10$ 29,000.00
787852-35StellaNGC Plug & Play add-on BEIDOU B1I5 - 10$ 6,400.00
787853-35StellaNGC Plug & Play add-on SBAS L15 - 10$ 3,500.00
787854-35StellaNGC Plug & Play add-on GLONASS G15 - 10$ 6,400.00
787924-35StellaNGC Plug and Play Add-On for Closed-Loop Trajectory5 - 10$ 17,400.00

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