Labstache by Field R&D Services, LLC Add Facial Hair to LabVIEW with {{ Mustache }} Templates

  • Create any kind of text-based file by compiling logic-free Mustache templates
  • Dynamically generate HTML, XML, LaTeX, RTF, or any other text markup-based reports
  • Easily control the template rendering process at run-time with LabVIEW types and values
  • Supports Variables, Sections, Partials, Comments, and many more template tags
  • Add new template features or extend functionality with a modular compiler
  • Create custom source readers, destination writers, and partial template loaders
  • Download
Labstache is a toolkit for LabVIEW software that you can use to render logic-free Mustache templates. Logic-less Mustache templates are simple designs that use paired curly brackets ("{{" and "}}") to delimit variables, sections, subtemplates (also known as "partials"), comments, and more. Mustache templates are great for generating text-based output where only a relatively small portion of content dynamically changes relative to the static content. Mustache templates are especially suited for files that use a markup language, such as HTML, LaTeX, RTF, and even INI files where a lot of static scaffolding is included for presentation but the content is dynamic.

The toolkit supports all of the Mustache tags, including Escaped and Unescaped Variables, Sections, Inverted Sections, Partials, Comments, and Set Delimiter, but each component of the 100 percent LabVIEW-based compiler (e.g., the lexer, loader, parser, reader, render, and writer) is implemented in a modular, plug-in style architecture using LabVIEW classes to easily customize and extend the template rendering process and/or add new template-related features.

Support Information
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