ANNHUB by ANSCENTER Simplify Machine Learning Design and Deployment for LabVIEW

  • Easily design customized neural networks with minimal knowledge of machine learning
  • Support second order advanced training algorithms, including Bayesian regularization
  • Support different types of activation functions and cost function
  • Support confusion matrix, ROC curves, regression curves, performance metrics
  • Easily deploy trained neural network models to LabVIEW, LabVIEW NXG, C, C++, and C#
  • Support deploying trained models embedded systems, including Arduino and Raspberry PI
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ANNHUB is a machine learning platform that allows machine learning design, training, and validation without any programming. You can develop machine learning models to tackle real-life industrial solutions by simply clicking through the guided steps and using auto-recommended training and validation features. It is ideal for LabVIEW engineers who do not have a very deep knowledge of machine learning and/or programming skills to design a proper neural network. You can effortlessly develop the model in ANNHUB and deploy it into a LabVIEW application with minimal API calls. You may even deploy the solution to LabVIEW NXG, C, C++, C#, Android, iOS, Arduino, and Raspberry PI applications.

ANNHUB supports advanced training algorithms, including Scaled Conjugate Gradient, Levenberg Marquardt, Quasi-Newton, and Bayesian regularization. During the training process, the over-fitting issue can be addressed automatically by the early stopping technique or Bayesian regularization. To effectively evaluate a trained neural network model, ANNHUB supports various evaluation metrics, including ROC curves, confusion matrix, performance metrics, and regression curves.

Support Information
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