Tektronix, Initial State IoT Streaming SDK for LabVIEW Add Anywhere-Accessible Dashboards to Your Systems

  • Use Initial State for your systems or productize for your customers
  • Stream data from unlimited connected devices via simple secure REST APIs
  • Employ SDKs for LabVIEW and other popular languages like C, Python, .NET, Java, and so on
  • Create, lay out, and share everywhere-accessible real-time-updated dashboards
  • Visualize, inspect, and analyze data with zoom/pan/cursors and Excel-like expressions
  • Apply 24/7 watchdogs on incoming data and alarm via SMS, email, or an API
  • Download
The Initial State IoT Streaming SDK for LabVIEW is a free add-on from Tektronix that provides a flexible and accessible browser-based dashboard fueled by a simple RESTful API for data ingestion. The LabVIEW SDK integrates into the "Data Communication" palette and follows the standard "Open, Read/Write, Close" paradigm you have come to expect from LabVIEW APIs. It supports most platforms that have HTTP communication capability including PCs, embedded controllers, and real-time devices. Once data is securely ingested, the Initial State platform provides built-in visualizations, configurable interactive dashboards, customizable analytics, secure/public sharing, and alarming with SMS/email/API triggering. Use this toolset to add anywhere-accessible dashboards to your embedded or test system simply and securely.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact Initial State at:

Website: https://support.initialstate.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004135351-Streaming-via-LabVIEW
Email: support@initialstate.com

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