Custom Flat Buttons UI Controls by 10X Engineering Enable Modern and Cool LabVIEW UIs

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  • A massive set with stylish flat buttons
  • Simple, creative, and popular buttons are suitable for almost all GUIs
  • 4 styles for each button
  • Modern and innovative LabVIEW GUI/UI
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When it comes to LabVIEW application development, the devil is in the details. Icons and buttons play an important role in the design of an attractive UI. It could mean the difference between good or clunky user experiences. For developers, finding a good user interface kit is like finding treasure. The Custom Flat Buttons UI Controls set includes more than 150 modern and the most popular custom buttons. With our UI controls set, you can save time and overcome one of the biggest challenges in UI design: spending hours finding, editing, and coloring the icons to be used in your custom controls.

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