Electromechanical Lab by 10X Engineering Physics Educational Laboratory Based on NI myDAQ

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  • DC, stepper, solenoid, servo basics
  • Over 10 interesting visualized experiments
  • Semiautomatic control
  • Detailed curriculum with step-by-step instructions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Experiment result exporting option
  • Download
The Electromechanical Lab by 10X Engineering is a portable, robust, and user-friendly educational trainer kit that combines theoretical and practical knowledge of basic elements of mechatronics in a single platform.

It provides introductory concepts for students to help them study motors, solenoid control, circuitry, operating principles, and performance test. The highly functional user-friendly interface supports signal generation, acquisition, analysis, and reporting.

It is the best way to optimize educational time while implementing real-world, impressive experiments!

Labs: Study of the linear control of the DC motor, the relationship between DC motor speed and voltage, study of DC motor control through PWM signals, the relationship between DC motor speed and PWM signal parameters, stepper motor control, and more.

For the complete laboratory, you must purchase the educational lab board and the NI hardware.

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Email: info@10x.am

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