Circular Chart Add-On by KIT.X Flexible and Easy Way to Make High-Quality Circular Charts

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  • Supports multiple types of charts, for example, pie chart, doughnut chart, circular slide
  • Supports multiple types of chart elements, for example, legend, scale, grid, slider, digital
  • Three modes for different overlapping and connecting relationships between slices
  • Most properties of chart objects are customizable
  • Exported images for reporting, and style files for reusing and sharing
  • Easy to use and enable to quick-start based on several build-in chart styles
  • Download
The Circular Chart Add-On provides an easy way to create high-quality circular charts with features such as anti-aliasing and translucence. It helps you deal with the boring and time-consuming drawing details.

How to Use
-The Circular Chart Add-On is ultimately defined as a single control. After installation, you can find it in the Addons category of the LabVIEW Controls palette.
-Being edited or loaded with different styles, the chart can be presented in the different types listed above or even more.
-The chart style is configured by the Chart Style Designer dialog box, which can be displayed through the right-click menu of the chart, similar to the Properties dialog box of the LabVIEW controls.
-After configured, the style can be saved into the chart instance in your VI and automatically reloaded the next time.
-The data type of the chart is 2D array of SGL numeric. Each row of the array corresponds to a slice in turn, and each column corresponds to a slice parameter you specify in the Chart Style Designer, the available slice parameters include start angle, end angle, inner radius, and outer radius.

Support Information
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