Wi-SUN Measurement Suite by MaxEye Technologies Wi-SUN Signal Generation and Analysis

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  • Supports IEEE 802.15.4g standard MR OFDM PHY
  • Standard-based signal generation with user-configurable MAC and PHY layer parameters
  • Payload types: PN Sequence, User Defined Bits, Test Pattern, and From File
  • Demod measurements: EVM, MER, frequency offset, clock offset, IQ impairments, and more
  • Spectral measurements: SEM, TxP, CW frequency offset, offset channel power, and more
  • Demodulation and decoding of PHY and MAC layer payload bits and packet error measurement
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Wi-SUN is the short form of Wireless Smart Utility Network, which is promoted by Wi-SUN Alliance. Wi-SUN Alliance is a consortium of global corporations and world leaders in the smart utility, smart city, and Internet of Things markets. Wi-SUN was developed per IEEE 802.15.4g, which defines PHY and MAC layer specifications. Wi-SUN offers smart ubiquitous networks to service providers, utilities, local government, and other enterprises by enabling interoperable, multiservice, and secure wireless mesh networks.

MaxEye Technologies provides generation and analysis functions in LabVIEW and .NET for generating and analyzing the Wi-SUN standard compliant signals using NI Vector Signal Generators (VSGs) and Vector Signal Analyzers (VSAs) or Vector Signal Transceivers (VSTs).

The Wi-SUN Measurement Suite supports generating and analyzing the signal per the IEEE 802.15.4g standard MAC and PHY protocol. The MAC and PHY layer parameters can be configured using the LabVIEW API VIs or .NET APIs.

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Website: www.maxeyetech.com
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