WF 3168 Battery Stack Monitor and Balancing Module Driver by WireFlow AB LabVIEW FPGA Driver for WF 3168 C Series Module

  • Measures up to 8 battery cells in series
  • 8 discharge FETs for passive balancing
  • Stackable architecture
  • Supports multiple battery chemistries, such as 12 V lead-acid and 3.7 V Li-ion
  • 1000 VDC ch-earth isolation and galvanically isolated from earth ground
  • Also for negative grounding systems
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This software product is a LabVIEW FPGA driver for the C Series Battery Stack Monitor and Balancing Module, WF 3168.

The WF 3168 from WireFlow is a complete battery monitoring and balancing device that includes a high-voltage input multiplexer, an ADC, and balancing switches for each battery cell. The module can measure up to eight series-connected cells with a voltage up to 15 V per cell.

The module measurement circuit is galvanically isolated from the earth ground and provides up to 1000 VDC channel-to-earth ground isolation, making the module ideal for accurately monitoring large battery stacks. By using several WF 3168 modules, it is possible to monitor every cell in a long string of series-connected cells.

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