SEA 802.11p Add-On for LabVIEW - Monitoring API by S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH Monitoring and Manipulation of IEEE 802.11p Comm for V2X

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  • Simulate dense traffic/stress 802.11p communication up to the theoretical limit of 802.11p
  • Catch 802.11p messages for extended monitoring and testing (even invalid frames)
  • Inject erroneous messages overriding MAC control and timing (even with corrupt frame content)
  • Generate precisely timed 802.11p message streams for 802.11p and V2X validation
  • Get precise timestamps of Rx and Tx activities (coupled to a user-configurable reference clock)
  • Synchronize 802.11p message streams to other signals such as CAN, GNSS simulation, and more
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The SEA 802.11p Add-On for LabVIEW delivers unique access to the DSRC and ITS-G5 802.11p standards for future V2X (vehicle-to-anything) communication based on NI hardware. It consists of three separate parts: COMMS API, Monitoring API (MON), and RF-Compliance API (RFC). This product page covers the MON API.

The MON API overcomes the limits of chipset-based 802.11p communication. No Tx and Rx load limits, detailed failure injection, and deep monitoring are available for simulation, data, and timing manipulation (Packet Replay) and monitoring (TZSP) of 802.11p data traffic.

Multiple hardware devices are supported: the NI PXIe-5644 vector signal transceiver (VST) and the NI USRP-2953/54R reconfigurable software defined radios.

The MON API enables test and simulation applications that require manipulation and monitoring of 802.11p communication on the data layer, for example, fault resistance and in-depth analysis on the data layer. It can be used to simulate high-load simulation scenarios with many nodes up to the full utilization of the 802.11p radio band capacity (several 1000 messages/second). This feature is an absolute precondition for realistic traffic scenario simulation either as an open-loop replay or in HIL test systems.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH at:

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Disclaimer: This example package (this "program") was developed by a National Instruments ("NI") Engineer. Although provided by National Instruments, this program may not be completely tested and verified, and NI does not guarantee its quality in any way or that NI will continue to support this program with each new revision of related products and drivers. THIS PROGRAM IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND AND SUBJECT TO CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS AS MORE SPECIFICALLY SET FORTH IN NI.COM'S TERMS OF USE.
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