Open Core Interface for Drives Toolkit for LabVIEW by Bosch Rexroth Easy Programming of Servo Motion in LabVIEW

  • Complete servo solutions: cabinet free, kit motors, linear motors, high-resolution feedback
  • Development of servo drive functions in the usual LabVIEW development environment
  • Scaled drive sizes for flexible integration into any motion application
  • Merging electric motor and hydraulic positioning in a homogeneous overall solution
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Rexroth makes it easy to integrate precision motion control into your LabVIEW application. With the OCI for Drives library, LabVIEW programmers can access all the features of the IndraDrive from within their own LabVIEW development environments. This gives the user access to high-level control that is decentralized on the IndraDrive itself, including compensation features such as backlash and torque cogging compensation as well as diagnostic information like the onboard oscilloscope. These tools deliver the industry’s best solutions for servo driven motion control.

The Open Core Interface for Drives Toolkit gives LabVIEW applications direct access to all drive parameters for all IndraDrive drives regardless of the form factor. The LabVIEW VI library uses the Sercos Internet protocol (S/IP), which facilitates standardized network communication at the production level. From 100 W to 4 MW, whether centralized or decentralized, the OCI library works the same for all IndraDrive products. This provides the greatest flexibility in standardizing a programming interface while providing access to the complete power range of electric drives.

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