RF Power Amplifier Linearizer by NanoSemi Elevates the Performance of Radio Systems

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  • Easily implement cutting-edge digital pre-distortion and crest factor reduction
  • Achieve wideband (400 MHz) linearization for single-band and dual-band (B1 + B3) RF power amplifiers
  • Run linearization directly from the NI RFIC software to accelerate validation of RF front-ends
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The NanoSemi Linearizer implements state-of-the-art digital predistortion algorithms to correct for the inherent non-linearity of the analog radio chain including power amplifiers, filters, and data converters. It enables highly efficient power amplifier performance while meeting stringent 3GPP specifications at extreme bandwidths.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact NanoSemi at:

Website: http://www.nanosemitech.com/
Email: support@nanosemitech.com

Contact NI for LabVIEW-related support.

NOTE : The Dual-Band RF Power Amplifier Linearizer includes both single-band and dual-band functionality. There’s no need to install the Single-Band RF Power Amplifier Linearizer first.

Customers who have already ordered the single band NanoSemi Linearizer (786828-35) get a significant discount on their license for the dual band (787694-35) product. Please reach out to ToolsNetwork@ni.com to upgrade your license.

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786828-35Single-Band RF Power Amplifier Linearizer5 - 10$ 15,000.00
787694-35Dual-Band RF Power Amplifier Linearizer5 - 10$ 25,000.00

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