Findings by DriveTest GmbH Visualize Test Results and Organize Test Parameters

  • Ad-Hoc Result Visualization – Display and analyze all data at test time
  • Single-Click Chart Generation – Save hundreds of hours for result processing
  • Export Functions – Easily create images, PDFs, CSV, or spreadsheets from your data
  • Built-In Database Backup Function – Save all your test result data with one mouse click
  • Remote Changing of Your Test Criteria – Change test parameters from anywhere
  • User Management/Traceablity – Secure sensible data and trace the changes
  • Download
DriveTest Findings is a plug-in solution for NI TestStand to analyze and visualize test result data and manage test settings and users – all done with a state-of-the-art web browser interface.

The plug-in provides charts and tables for an overview of throughput, pass/failure/error rates, and failure counts for specific test steps. Powerful filters by type, time, serial number, and more leverage data reduction to achieve meaningful output. Search and view of individual test reports are included in Findings.

Test settings management organizes parameters hierarchically by test stations, projects, and devices under test and provides a value change log with user identification.

Findings is based on a local MySQL database with full backup and data access options. A database server is possible and recommended for multistation scenarios.

DriveTest Findings comes with a Microsoft Windows Installer, which provides all prerequisites and handles the complete setup.

The plug-in makes use of TestStand standards and best practices. It can be applied to new and existing test solutions with low effort.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact Drive Test GmbH at:

Phone: +49 8974340940

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