CISWORKS ViPE Abstraction Layer for VeriStand

  • Graphical representation of real-time sequences as a block diagram
  • Live feedback – current position shown on diagram during execution
  • Sequence creation with limited programming knowledge
  • Simple setup of measurement functions and display of acquired data
  • User-configurable reactions to alarms and events
  • Download
The CISWORKS ViPE editor is an abstraction layer for VeriStand real-time sequences. It uses a graphical representation of their standard syntax, which enables users without deep programming knowledge to create real-time sequences. The sequence is configured and represented as a block diagram and can be understood intuitively.

In addition to creating and editing sequences, ViPE can be used to execute sequences on any target capable of running the VeriStand run-time engine. During run time, the operator can observe which part of the sequence is currently running. ViPE also contains the ability to include and parameterize subsequences if they are created in the VeriStand Stimulus Profile Editor.

ViPE has predefined blocks that execute various functions. These functions include different acquisition and reporting methods for measurement data and alarms, which can be configured to execute predefined actions if specified limit values are met. When these actions occur, the original test sequence can be paused or aborted. Additionally, the user can store sequences as library blocks, add custom icons, and use them in other sequences.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact CISWORKS at:

Phone: +49 8381 8898370

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