AMA by ENIT Advanced Metaheuristics Algorithms

  • Optimize engineering problems using pPSO, ABC, GSA, TLBO, and GWO
  • Test metaheuristics algorithm performance using a benchmark function
  • Test statistically the optimization strategy
  • Download
The Advanced Metaheuristics Algorithms (AMA) Toolkit for LabVIEW is a software suite for global optimization problems and statistical analysis.

Real-life optimization problems in science, engineering, economics, and business are complex and difficult to solve within a reasonable amount of time. Using approximate algorithms is the main alternative to solve this class of problems. Metaheuristics represent more general approximate algorithms applicable to a large variety of optimization problems to serve three main purposes: solving problems faster, solving large problems, and obtaining robust algorithms.

LabVIEW currently only incorporates the Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm. This toolkit gives an engineer and/or a researcher the ability to start using advanced metaheuristics algorithms in solving hard optimization problems using LabVIEW.

This advanced metaheuristic algorithms suite includes, in this first release, the techniques of perturbed Particle Swarm Optimization (pPSO), Ant Bee Colony (ABC), Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA), Teaching Learning Based Optimization (TLBO), and Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO).

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