LabPack by Field R&D Services, LLC A Library for Encoding and Decoding MessagePack Data

  • Flatten to MessagePack: write arrays, clusters, numerics, booleans, etc.
  • Unflatten from MessagePack: read arrays, clusters, numerics, booleans, etc.
  • Compact, open binary format ideal for network data transmission
  • Automatically encode and decode complex, nested data structures
  • Build fast, memory-efficient binary data structures with easy-to-use API
  • Ideal data format for web-based and resource-constrained IoT applicatications
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LabPack reads and writes MessagePack (msgpack) formatted binary data. The msgpack format is designed for the efficient, low-level encoding and decoding of messages, specifically for sending and receiving data across network streams. This code library is a valuable tool for creating message architectures when JSON, XML, or similar custom text-based message formats would consume too much network bandwidth, system memory, and/or CPU cycles.

There are basically two methods to use the LabPack library: (i) automatically encode/decode anything using the high-level VIs or (ii) manually encode/decode data using low-level VIs. The first method is easy to use but can consume more system resources, while the second method is more flexible but can be more performant.

Since MessagePack is an open format designed for easy, low-level (de)serialization, it can be used in Internet of Things (IoT) applications as a messaging format between small, distributed nodes, like a sensor, and larger, more performant hubs, like a CompactRIO device. The LabPack library enables LabVIEW-based embedded systems to interface with other MessagePack-enabled nodes in IoT applications.

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