CI-9120 by Cogito Instruments Embedded Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

  • Fast, deterministic response time ensuring productivity and reliability
  • Real-time "on the job" learning
  • Learning and recognition embedded in the NI CompactRIO system
  • Fast upload and download of training data, enabling easy cross-training between machines
  • Secure and reliable as the data remains local, embedded in the machine
  • Optimum TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Download
Current computers are perfect for mathematical calculations but very inefficient for cognitive tasks. Even the most advanced machine learning and classification technologies, based on software running on powerful computers, are slow, power hungry, extremely expensive, and difficult to maintain. They are also incapable of “on-the-job training,” which is a major requirement of industrial applications.

This forces industrial customers to process large amounts of data in the Cloud, which leads to inadequate latencies, high costs, large power and bandwidth consumptions, and serious reliability, safety, and confidentiality issues.

Cogito Instruments provides an extremely fast, low-power, and low-cost pattern learning and recognition solution.

Its bio-inspired architecture allows data analytics at the edge. Its perception of the “unknown” can trigger real-time on-the-job learning.

Cogito Instruments' solution can model highly complex, multidimensional, nonlinear behaviors that typically require data center computing power. It enables new embedded applications such as industrial inspection, machine monitoring, and autonomous robots.

Support Information
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