Radar Labs for NI USRP by OLYMP Engineering Radar Laboratory for NI USRP-290x

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  • Forming and matched filtering of chirped pulse signals
  • Forming and matched filtering of pulse signals with pseudorandom phase manipulation
  • Forming and correlation processing of pulse signals with pseudorandom phase manipulation
  • Detection of the pack of coherent pulses on the background of passive interference
  • Digital quasi-optimal processing of incoherent pulse signal packs
  • Digital processing of the pack of incoherent radio pulses
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The Radar signals laboratory has been developed as a tool for the hands-on study of digital specialized processors (SP) for detecting and determining the angular position of the target in surveillance radars, using the incoherent sequence of radio pulses as a probing signal.

The laboratory has been designed to demonstrate the possibility of designing and developing a multichannel radar system, using a specialized processor, and for the introduction of time and amplitude sampling devices. One of the most difficult assignments in radar construction is the selection of the probing signal. The tactical characteristics of the radar (namely: the operation and resolution range, measurement accuracy, the structure and main characteristics of the transmitting and receiving tract, as well as the radar security level, its weight, dimensions, and price) all depend on the probing signal.

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