Local Area Networks by Integrator Ltd Local Area Networks Hands-On Laboratory

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  • 14 hands-on experiments
  • Step-by-step instructions and study guide in lab manual for students
  • Export experiment results to MS Excel format
  • Download
Students use detailed instructions including lab objectives, explanations (theoretical materials, main characteristics), required equipment, materials and their characteristics, the order of conducting the lab, tables, conclusions, test questions, and educational and special reference materials.

The user manual includes a detailed description of all hands-on experiments in the course.

Before starting the lab, students should register by filling in the appropriate fields: group, name, surname, username, password, and folder where they are saving their personal files. Registered users must enter their usernames and passwords to log in.

Students select their labs from the main menu. The electric circuits are shown on the Front Panels of each lab. The real-time data obtained during the lab are displayed on the monitor.

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