User Interface Manager for LabVIEW Capture, Save, and Load Any VI UI State With XML

  • Capture any VI front panel state and restore it later by name
  • Hold multiple UI states and switch between them
  • Easily manage visual properties of big, complex applications
  • Save and load XML files with captured states
  • Edit UI properties in text without recompiling VIs
  • Extend functionality with plugins
  • Download
This tool is designed to help programmers capture and apply complex UI configurations to any LabVIEW VI, both at edit and run time. Using the User Interface Manager Tool and its API, you can configure your UI, capture that configuration, export and import it from an XML file, and apply any previously captured configuration. Using this tool, you can separate the configuration of your UIs from your application functionality and still achieve any effect as you would using standard VI Server methods and properties.

If the UI property you want to capture is not handled by the standard provided UIPs, you can create a new one using the UIP Class Template. By providing your own implementation for five simple methods, you can capture any property from the controls on your VI front panel.

Some of the use cases this tool can handle include:
-Localizing the UI
-Changing the visibility of the controls
-Changing the enabled state of controls
-Changing the color scheme of the UI
-Resizing the UI to fit the resolution
-Restoring and capturing UI values

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