Caraya Unit Test Framework by JKI Create Quick and Easy Unit Tests for LabVIEW Apps

  • Designed to be quick and easy to use for both beginner and advanced LabVIEW developers
  • Any VI can be a unit test; simply drop a Caraya test comparison and run it
  • Test results user interface opens automatically when test VIs are run
  • Easily convert interactive test VIs into Caraya unit tests
  • Can also be used to create debugging tests in built applications
  • Makes monkey sounds; software test should be fun even though it’s serious business
  • Download
The Caraya Unit Test Framework by JKI is a new open source unit test framework for LabVIEW. It takes a whole new approach to unit test: your VI is your test. Caraya allows you to convert the manual test VIs you use for debugging into unit test cases with nearly no effort. Even running the tests is easy; just run the test case VI. Caraya significantly lowers the barrier for developers to write unit tests, which leads to improved overall code quality in real-world projects for which developers don’t always have the luxury to write unit test cases first.

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