Lilium by TOOLS for SMART MINDS The Best Solution to Share Data With Third-Party Platforms

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  • Automation of data collection procedures
  • Integration of data collection systems with third-party platforms and databases
  • Automatic data conversion
  • Up to 5 independent assembly lines
  • Up to 10 workers for each assembly line
  • Expandable according to the user's needs
  • Download
Lilium is the post-processing solution for files generated by iDaq and other data collection platforms.

Lilium matches the needs of data elaboration (extrapolation of information, pattern identification, and so on), data files conversion into different formats, and data transfer to database, cloud, and third-party platforms.

Lilium is modular, easily integrable with custom features, and easy to use.

Lilium processes data files from anywhere in your network by improving the efficiency of data collection, and it minimizes human intervention.

Lilium extracts relevant information from data streams and provides the most relevant data to production management and data analysis software, simplifying the procedures of analysis and visualization of the monitored process.

Support Information
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