Add-Ons for iDaq by TOOLS for SMART MINDS Extend iDaq Capabilities With Powerful Add-Ons and Drivers

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  • Visualization of 3D models
  • Automatic identification of connected CompactRIO devices
  • Programmable triggers to start/stop recording sessions
  • Acquires signals from multiple devices using NI-DAQmx, CAN, Modbus, EtherNet/IP
  • Synchronization of different SCXI modules
  • Modules of different CompactDAQ chassis are handled as a unique device
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Sync CompactDAQ Chassis allows the aggregation of more CompactDAQ chassis in a unique device to perform a synchronized acquisition.

3D Sensor Mapping for iDaq is an easy and quick tool to display a 3D CAD model, place sensors on the model, and display real-time signal values on it.

CompactRIO Driver for iDaq turns real-time acquisition systems into data sources accessible via iDaq.

Easy Datalogger is the best solution for anyone who needs a quick and easy tool to visualize and store signals in a few clicks.

XNET-CAN Driver for iDaq manages the NI-9860 and NI-9862 C Series modules to acquire signals from CAN devices.

ModBus Driver for iDaq manages communication from/to Modbus-based devices using standard Ethernet or serial ports.

Ethernet/IP Driver for iDaq allows communication with EtherNet/IP devices such as the Rockwell ControlLogix series PLCs.

SCXI Chassis for iDaq aggregates more SCXI modules in a unique device accessible by iDaq to visualize, process, and store data in the easiest and quickest way.

Oscilloscope for iDaq is the best solution for anyone who needs to view waveforms with high sample rates.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
Primary iDaq Software
782986-35iDaq - T4SM5 - 10$ 3,280.00
Add-On Software for iDaq
785736-35Sync CompactDAQ Chassis for iDaq by T4SM5 - 10$ 790.00
785737-353D Sensor Mapping for iDaq by T4SM5 - 10$ 990.00
783716-35cRIO Driver for iDaq - T4SM5 - 10$ 1,460.00
783718-35Easy Datalogger (EDL) for iDaq - T4SM5 - 10$ 2,250.00
783717-35XNET-CAN Driver for iDaq - T4SM5 - 10$ 1,120.00
785785-35T4SM Modbus Driver for iDaq5 - 10$ 990.00
785784-35T4SM EthernetIP Driver for iDaq5 - 10$ 990.00
785786-35T4SM SCXI Chassis for iDaq5 - 10$ 490.00
784304-35Oscilloscope for iDaq - T4SM5 - 10$ 565.00

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