Logger by Field R&D Services, LLC A Log4j-Like Application Logging System for LabVIEW

  • Create and filter logging statements with different levels
  • Broadcast logging statements to multiple "listeners" for display, file I/O, and so on
  • Configure log files to automatically roll over to a new file based on size
  • Organize log files by timestamp and calendar dates
  • Configure maximum number of log files to store on disk
  • Integrated error-handling utilities to easily log and display error messages
  • Download
Logger by Field R&D Services is a small logging utility modeled after the Log4j library and similar logging libraries but for LabVIEW. See the http://logging.apache.org website for more information about application logging libraries available for other programming languages that act as a model and inspiration for this add-on software. You can use this add-on to create a robust, full-feature application logging and error-handling system for any LabVIEW application.

Logging statements are written as comma-separated value (CSV) lines to a log file. Log files are managed and organized by calendar date and file name to reduce clutter and on-disk storage space. Logging can be configured to automatically close and create a new log file based on file size.

Advanced error-handling capabilities are provided by combining level-based application logging with LabVIEW's built-in General Error Handler.vi to easily catch, log, clear, and display errors based on verbosity, severity, and configuration.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact Field R&D Services, LLC, at:

Email: support@fieldrndservices.com

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