6DOF Stewart Platform Control Library by Ovak Technologies 6DOF Motion Platform Kinematics Processing

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  • Reconfigurable geometrics
  • Graphical mapping
  • Stewart Platform based on servo motor
  • Stewart Platform based on linear actuator
  • Parallel manipulator kinematics
  • Recommended hardware configuration: cRIO-9064/9065/9030
  • Download
Stewart Platform is a mechanism with 6 degrees of freedom. It is a parallel manipulator that has applications in flight simulators, machine tool technology, crane technology, underwater research, satellite dish positioning, virtual reality creation including gaming and training applications, and so on. You can implement this mechanism based on two main principles: (1) servo motors and (2) linear actuators. You can use the library to configure both hardware types and implement the kinematical computations that are used to control the real system or to implement it for simulation purposes. This library makes it easy to implement feedback control of the mechanism from LabVIEW applications. It requires the data from users for 6DOF and returns the corresponding lengths or motor angles.

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