CANalytics by Wineman Technology Inc. CAN Configuration, Monitoring, and ECU Simulation Software

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  • Cost-effective CAN monitoring and simulation tool compatible with NI-XNET hardware
  • Reduces application development time
  • CAN database editor
  • Allows importing/exporting of .dbc and .xml
  • Includes an API to integrate CANalytics with LabVIEW applications
  • Supports any scripting language that can make a TCP connection and serialize JSON data
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CANalytics is a communication interface tool for engineers and software application developers who communicate over CAN networks. R&D and test organizations use CAN to simulate ECUs and monitor signals. With the new CANalytics platform, R&D and ATE engineers can develop custom applications through a full-featured interface and use that interface to integrate automated processes. The CANalytics platform works with NI-XNET hardware and includes a CAN database editor.

The platform:
• Supports import/export of .dbc files
• Supports import/export of .xml definition databases created with the NI-XNET Database Editor
• Includes a LabVIEW API
• Simulates ECU CAN messages as defined by the database
• Collects and catalogs bus traffic to trace windows and log files
• Sends outgoing messages to a specific bus
• Views all CAN traffic on a specific bus
• Can be automated by any program/scripting language that can make a TCP connection and serialize/deserialize JSON data

Support Information
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Phone: (989) 771-3000

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