DAQ-Logger by DAQSYS Data Logger Software for CompactDAQ Hardware

  • Acquires analog, digital, and CAN signals
  • Supports up to 3 CompactDAQ chassis (any model)
  • Recognizes inserted modules; remove them while running with one click
  • Easy selection of sample rates, scales, and filters per channel
  • Data storage in TDMS format with all its properties
  • Allows the viewing of TDMS files; perform measurements and signal processing
  • Download
DAQ-Logger was designed for companies that need to perform data acquisition tasks with CompactDAQ to acquire analog, digital, and CAN bus signals. Fully designed to the end users, its functionality requires no programming experience.

The user interface is simple and tightly integrated with hardware, so you can quickly learn how to configure tasks and options and collect data. There are no complicated menus. You also can use it on touch screen enabled computers for maximum portability. Just connect CompactDAQ to your computer after installing DAQ-Logger so the OS detects the new hardware, making it ready for data acquisition tasks.

The File Viewer shows all the properties of selected channels and data values as a table and graph. You can apply some basic functions on a signal to move cursors and store the analyzed value. The software also has an add-on package that allows you to perform some NVH analysis functions.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact DAQSYS at:

Website: http://www.daqsys.com.br/en/produtos/daq-logger/
Email: daqlogger@daqsys.com.br

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