SoftMotion Drive Interface Plug-in for IndraDrive by Bosch Rexroth SDI Plug-in for Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Servo Drives

  • Complete servo power range from 50 W to 4 MW systems
  • Small footprint drives: integrated control and power and modular solutions
  • Cabinet-free options: machine mount drives and power supplies
  • DC bus and regenerative power supplies
  • High-precision rotary and linear motors
  • Integrated onboard safe-motion features
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The Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive system provides a complete power range of precision servo drive motors and drives from 50 W motors to 4 MW drive systems. The Rexroth SoftMotion Drive Interface Plug-in is supported in IndraDrive MPx20 firmware, a feature-rich drive control including full onboard safe-motion functionality, high-speed probes, and I/O with 16 million count per revolution feedback options. Other compensation functions such as anti-cogging, gearbox backlash, and friction compensation and active vibration control help provide the highest level of precision motion control. Our drive firmware, MPx20, also controls our hydraulic positioning products such as the IAC control value and HMC position control unit, giving you the same motion control features in hydraulic motion applications.

Support Information
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Phone: 1-800-REXROTH (1-800-739-7684)

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