MGI Monitored Actor by Moore Good Ideas, Inc. Makes Actor Framework Easier to Use

  • Makes working with actors easier with improved visualization and access to relevant code
  • Actor Monitor window shows running actors and allows the Actor Core to be displayed
  • Actor labels may be used to identify specific actor instances
  • Orphan Detection identifies and helps stop actors that are left running
  • All messages sent to a monitored actor can be logged
  • The Actor Monitor user interface can be overridden by the user
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The MGI Monitored Actor is 100 percent compatible with the built-in Actor Framework. It extends and enhances the built-in framework by adding an extra layer to the inheritance tree and makes no changes to the underlying framework.

The Monitor window lists all running actors in a tree representation for nested actors and provides tools to help debug them. Actors can be “pinged” to test if they are still responsive. The Actor Core of any reentrant instance can be opened for debugging. Actors may be stopped by sending a Normal Stop or an Emergency Stop. Labels can be set for specific instances of an actor for easy identification. Orphan detection makes it easy to find actors that did not shut down as expected.

The MGI Monitored Actor also includes the MGI Monitored Actor Switcher in the Tools menu, which is a simple tool that makes it easy to switch back and forth between standard actors and monitored actors. You just need to change the inheritance to get all the benefits of this tool.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact Moore Good Ideas, Inc., at:


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