BSR Quality by SM Instruments Analyze and Evaluate Sound Quality

  • Measurement of SPL and N10 loudness
  • Partial comparison of sound quality
  • Ability to save time signal as a TDMS file and load it
  • Replay of the recorded sound
  • Select a filter like A-weighting for SPL
  • Export to WAV, CSV, and TDMS files
  • Download
BSR Quality by SM Instruments analyzes sound quality by measuring SPL and N10 loudness. You can make partial comparisons, replay the recorded sound, save time signals (*. tdms file format), load, and so on.

BSR Quality measures sound signals using two different kinds of devices such as a PC sound card or an NI 9234 data acquisition device. You can measure sound signals through the software and save data files as TDMS files at the same time. After loading the saved files into the software, you can analyze a specific part of a sound signal. The software can export specific parts of a sound signal in the WAV, CSV, and TDMS formats.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact SM Instruments at:

Phone: 82-42-861-7004

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