Instant Protection PLUS 3 by SoftwareKey License Management Tools to Protect Your LabVIEW Programs

  • Create evaluation/trial licenses based on time, number of executions
  • Immediate software activation via the Internet, phone, email, or fax
  • Use fingerprinting to detect license copying and control the number of devices allowed per license
  • Generate subscription-based licenses that expire unless periodically renewed
  • Assemble feature-based applications where each customer receives a customized set of features
  • Maintain control of activated licenses using Electronic License Management
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With Instant Protection PLUS 3, you can enforce license compliance and provide copy protection for your software. The license server supports automated online activation as well as robust customer and license management features. Using our product is quick and easy, and our team is ready to provide any support you may need.

Copy Protection

Gain peace of mind knowing you have secured your software. We use various hardware components and algorithms to lock a license to a specific computer, ensuring copies of your software do not run until they are activated.

Online Management

Maintain control of your license and maintenance support subscriptions from an online dashboard and generated reports. The Electronic License Activation and Electronic License Management features within the SOLO Server help you securely license and sell your software with your choice of eCommerce engine.

Five-Star Service

Getting real expert help is priceless, not to mention rare. Experience customer service and technical support beyond compare. Nothing expresses our five-star service better than our ever-growing customer testimonials. Team SoftwareKey is here to help you!

Support Information
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Phone Number: +1 321-221-1497

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