Magic Button Maker for LabVIEW by GENIVIEW LabVIEW Add-On Accelerating Creation of Buttons With Icons

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  • Easily create buttons with icons by specifying URL or path of the icon
  • Select from three button styles
  • Quickly access your favorite online icon libraries and search engines
  • Use programmatic API to convert your icon library into ready-to-use buttons (in Pro version)
  • Supports PNG (recommended), BMP, JPG, and GIF formats
  • Two versions available: Free (for personal use) and Pro (for commercial work)
  • Download
Magic Button Maker is a LabVIEW add-on that helps you create buttons with custom icons. Simply specify a path or URL to the icon image and create the button with a single click in just a few seconds.

You can select from three button styles based on UI Control Suite: System Controls 2.0. As system controls, they change appearance depending on which platform you use, so you can easily create user interfaces that seamlessly integrate with the target OS for your application.

The Web Search button by default opens and icon search with Google, but you can define your own, favorite web pages.

With the Pro version, you get access to a programmatic API that allows you to create buttons programmatically.

Follow these steps for use:

1. Go to Tools → GENIVIEW → Magic Button Maker
2. Enter the path or URL to a graphic file with the icon (you can enable clipboard monitoring to speed up the process)
3. Select the style of the button
4. Click the Create button
5. Save your new button as a *.ctl file or just drop it into the target VI

Support Information
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