Physics Lab Assistant by Doug Harper Data Acquisition and Analysis for Physics Laboratories

  • Works with any NI-DAQmx-based hardware including myDAQ and NI ELVIS workstations
  • Supports any analog input-based sensor and PASCO motion sensors for measuring position
  • Students design their own experiments by choosing what to measure and what to calculate
  • Calculations can be performed on selected regions of acquired and computed waveforms
  • Students can easily perform repeated trials to test different experimental parameters
  • Supports saving data in tab-delimited text, Excel, and Igor Pro formats
  • Download
Physics Lab Assistant was designed for the Western Kentucky University Physics Laboratory to allow students to develop their own experimental procedures. The easy-to-use, versatile, and computationally powerful application supports a scaffolded approach as new concepts are introduced.

Physics Lab Assistant is flexible enough to be used for a variety of experiments and scalable to work with simple to complex experiments. Students design an experiment by defining a series of waveforms from sensor measurements and post-acquisition calculations. Acquired waveforms are measured from sensors (e.g., position, force, temperature); derived waveforms are obtained from these using derivatives, integrals, or Fourier transforms (e.g., velocity, acceleration, impulse); and calculated waveforms are built from any of the previous using simple algebra (e.g., momentum, kinetic, potential, total energy). Students can easily perform repeated trials to test different experimental parameters.

Support Information
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Phone: 270-792-8499

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