SoftMotion Drive Interface Plug-In Delta ASDA-A2-E by Delta Products Corporation SDI Plug-In for Delta ASDA Servo Drives

  • Integrated Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • 220 V and 400 V units available
  • Supports full-closed-loop control and more application options
  • Supports absolute and incremental encoders on Delta ECMA motors
  • Supports EtherCAT, all modes of CoE devices profile based on CiA402
  • Small footprint occupies little space
  • Download
Delta’s ASDA-A2-E Series is designed for faster, real-time applications. It integrates functionality including Safe Torque Off (STO), all types of EtherCAT commands, a 5 µs touch probe, and eight device profiles based on CiA 402. Inheriting the features of Delta’s original ASDA-A2 Series, the ASDA-A2-E Series offers advanced performance with fast response, fast positioning, vibration and suppression, and auto-tuning with multiple advanced filtering options. It also features dual full-closed-loop control, external encoder input, 13 DI and four DO lines, onboard digital I/O, and 20-bit incremental/17-bit absolute type encoders to ensure accurate positioning. The ASDA-A2-E CoE drive (200 V, 100 W to 3 kW and 400 V, 400 W to 15 kW) has been certified by an official EtherCAT test center (CT, conformance tested) and is ideal for a wide range of machinery applications.

Support Information
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