Reflective Ethernet Custom Device for VeriStand by DVel AB Direct Target-to-Target Reflective Ethernet Communication

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  • Add this custom device to your targets in VeriStand to enable direct communication between them
  • Software-defined reflective memory; no hardware needed
  • Does not need the VeriStand Engine to be running to communicate
  • Built on TCP/IP
  • Free for noncommercial use
  • Download
The Reflective Ethernet Custom Device enables VeriStand to implement asynchronous single-point I/O with one or more Windows, VxWorks, and PharLap controllers(s) on an Ethernet network.

Using TCP connections, a custom device installed on multiple targets sends data back and forth between the inputs and outputs on the targets. Traditional communication between targets in VeriStand is conducted via the VeriStand Engine running on a host computer. To achieve target-to-target communication, you can use extra hardware for reflective memory. The Reflective Ethernet Custom Device enables software-defined direct communication between targets, thus lessening the dependency on the host computer for communication while not needing any extra hardware.

Install the custom device on the targets that you need to communicate with each other and configure your I/O channels. The output of one target is the input of another. These channels talk to other channels on your targets in VeriStand.

The Reflective Ethernet Custom Device is installed with an example project to show you how to configure the custom device and get started.

Support Information
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Phone: +46 733 85 69 10

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