BACnet/IP Protocol for LabVIEW by Ovak Technologies Communicate Between BACnet Devices and NI Hardware

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  • No OPC server required
  • Direct communication with peer devices on their networks
  • Use of local, remote, and global broadcasts
  • Communication between BACnet devices and NI hardware/LabVIEW
  • Dynamic creation of protocol objects
  • Download
BACnet is a standard communication protocol for building automation and control networks. You use the BACnet/IP protocol to send and receive messages on the wire containing data understood by other BACnet-compliant devices.

The BACnet/IP protocol defines a standard way to communicate over a number of wires known as data link/physical layers. It also defines a standard way to communicate using UDP as a virtual link layer.

The BACnet/IP for LabVIEW toolkit is a library that you can use to browse BACnet devices, read and write properties, and perform other tasks specified in the BACnet standard. The BACnet clients act as a server.

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