Metrology Lab by RAFA Solutions Academic Lab Software for NI ELVIS

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  • Complete guide for studying metrology and electrical measuring devices
  • 12 exercises for metrology
  • Developed by experienced professors; used in more than 100 universities
  • Study of an oscilloscope, a digital multimeter, and a function generator
  • Report generation in MS Word format
  • Availability in two languages: English and Russian
  • Download
Metrology Lab is educational software based on the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS). The aim of the laboratory is to help students study metrology basics; obtain skills for working with voltmeters, ammeters, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, and function generators; and study calculation methods and types of measurement errors.

Metrology Lab includes 12 exercises developed to help students obtain knowledge in electrical measurement methods and types of measurement errors. The exercises are designed to study direct and indirect methods of measuring voltage and current, investigate methods for measuring electrical resistance, and so on.

The software also gives students the opportunity to make reports for finished exercises. This can be helpful for trainers to have information about a student’s progress.

Metrology Lab software is available in two languages: English and Russian. The software comes with a user manual featuring full instructions for the exercises and introductory information about error types, calculation methods, electrical measuring devices, and measurement methods.

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