NI Vision OpenCV Utilities Quickly Integrate Open Source Vision Algorithms Into LabVIEW

  • Seamless integration of OpenCV algorithms with NI Vision Development Module, Vision Acquisition SW
  • Powerful LabVIEW platform to design, analyze, prototype, and deploy quickly on NI real-time targets
  • Jump-start your design using the included APIs and LabVIEW examples
  • Prebuilt OpenCV binaries for Windows and NI Linux Real-Time
  • Interface between NI Vision Image data type and OpenCV "mat" data type (C++ source included)
  • Download
The NI Vision Development Module (VDM) is industry-leading software for developing and deploying vision applications. With VDM and the LabVIEW platform, users can develop and then seamlessly deploy their applications on a target of their choice like Windows-based industrial/desktop PCs, NI PXI/PXI Express systems, NI real-time embedded hardware, and NI vision systems and smart cameras. Currently, an NI vision or LabVIEW user cannot easily integrate any third-party or open source vision algorithms in their LabVIEW-based applications.

The NI Vision OpenCV Utilities package helps these users speed up their development by giving them easy access to open source algorithms and providing a bridge between the OpenCV data type (mat) and Vision Development Module algorithms (NI Vision Image). The package also provides getting started examples and ready templates to accelerate the integration process with other parts of the system. Once in the LabVIEW platform, users can integrate these open source algorithms with other system components like measurement, DAQ, I/O, and motion control among others to create an integrated solution and deploy on NI hardware.

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