iTestSystem by Integrated Test & Measurement, LLC With MultiDAQ Datalogger and TestView+ Data Viewer

  • Record and view structural data using the CompactDAQ platform
  • Ideal for strain, acceleration, voltage, current, speed, and temperature measurements
  • Automated strain gage shunt calibration
  • View data during data acquisition with customizable graphs, FFT graphs, charts, and tables
  • Embeds metadata into all data files for future reference
  • Use TestView+ to view and export data for reports
  • Download
Wouldn’t testing be easier if you could bypass the programming in LabVIEW and get straight to the actual testing? With this free software package, you can quickly and simply configure a test, collect data, and view the results. A real-time view screen even allows you to see the numeric data as it updates.

You can acquire and organize important data simply using either an NI C Series stand-alone chassis or a computer connected to a standard NI C Series chassis. Besides managing data, iTestSystem manages project, hardware, sensor, and DAQ configurations.

Using iTestSystem with compatible NI C Series modules, you can acquire and view data from a variety of sensors including accelerometers, strain gages, current sensors, voltage sensors, voltage excitation sensors, and thermocouples.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact Integrated Test & Measurement, LLC, at:

Phone: 1.844.TestSys

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