IOT Cloud Connector for LabVIEW by Etteplan Connectivity for IBM Watson IOT Platform and Bluemix Cloud

  • Fast and easy development of cloud-enabled applications
  • Strong security with token-based authentication and TLS/SSL encryption
  • Bidirectional communication enables monitoring and control applications
  • Device management, data collection, storage, and cloud integrations in IBM Watson IOT
  • ISO/IEC standardized IOT connectivity protocol MQTT for future-proof applications
  • IBM Bluemix cloud platform readily available for advanced application development
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IOT Cloud Connector is a LabVIEW library for the fast and easy integration of any application on a real-time target or PC with the IBM Watson IOT platform in the cloud. It offers secure data exchange, storage, device management, and integration. The standardized MQTT protocol ISO/IEC 20922 is used for cloud connectivity. It provides a lightweight publish/subscribe mechanism especially suitable for IOT devices. The Watson IOT and Bluemix platforms enable countless applications for advanced analytics, web and UI integrations, data storage, and integration with any other cloud solutions.

Support Information
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