RLogger for NI myRIO by RAFA Solutions Data-Logging and Control System for NI myRIO

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  • Data-logging and control system running on NI myRIO-1900 and NI myRIO-1950
  • An off-the-shelf data-logging solution when used with myRIO hardware
  • Alarm-based data logging in the TDMS file format
  • Waveform generation on FPGAs for control of analog output channels
  • Real-time representation of data on multiple graphs
  • Creation of virtual channels and user-defined alarms
  • Download
RLogger for NI myRIO by RAFA Solutions is a data-logging and control system that's an easy-to-use software application for NI myRIO. The software is designed for data acquisition, logging, control, and real-time viewing.

The system is also equipped with digital and analog outputs to help you control a variety of actuators.

You can use the software to create virtual channels, triggers, and alarms; log only required data using triggers; control analog outputs using closed-loop control; and more.

The real-time viewing screen helps you view data as graphs or numerics and shows the latest alarms.

The data is logged in TDMS files and can be viewed using an offline viewer.

RLogger for NI myRIO has two suggested versions: standard and light.

RLogger for NI myRIO Light includes almost all the same features as the standard version except for virtual channels and trigger-based control of analog/digital channels and logging.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact RAFA Solutions at:

Phone: +1 (512) 782-9747
Website: www.rafasolutions.com
Email: support@rafasolutions.com

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RLogger by RAFA Solutions
784875-35RAFA Solutions RLogger for myRIO5 - 10$ 990.00
784876-35RAFA Solutions RLogger Light for myRIO5 - 10$ 490.00
Required NI Hardware Options
782692-01NI myRIO-1900 University Purchase. Incl WIFI and MSP Connector.12 - 20$ 578.00
782690-01NI myRIO-1950 University Purchase Only. No WIFI or MSP Connector.12 - 20$ 463.00

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