Triniti Communications SDK for LabVIEW by Gardasoft Vision Limited VI Toolkit for Machine Vision Lighting Controllers

  • Access any networked Triniti controller with provided VIs
  • Easily integrate machine vision lighting with LabVIEW applications
  • Connect to all lighting control parameters and variable operation data with LabVIEW
  • Synchronize lighting and camera application triggering and timing
  • Control and overdrive lighting within automatically defined safe limits
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Triniti Communications SDK for LabVIEW is a VI Toolkit for machine vision lighting controllers. It provides access to any networked Gardasoft Triniti controller and light. Triniti provides very close integration of lighting into the whole machine vision system, enabling the user’s application to easily configure and see the status of all lights in the system. When combined with camera acquisition, processing and display within the same application it can provide a complete integrated machine vision system.

The Triniti system makes machine vision lighting techniques easier to use. For example, the Communications SDK for LabVIEW enables the user to set up the timing for a whole machine vision system, including cameras and strobe-lighting, all from within LabVIEW (strobe-mode lighting is very useful for increasing the light output and extending the lifetime of lighting).

Support Information
This product is supported by third-party and not by NI. For technical support, contact Gardasoft Vision at:

Phone: +44 1954 234970

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