StarSim Control IP Toolkit by ModelingTech Energy Technology Co., Ltd. FPGA IP for Power Electronics Controller Design

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  • Frequently used power electronics control functions
  • SVPWM, SPWM pulse generation; Encoder pulse processing
  • VIs optimized for the FPGA execution
  • Ready to run FPGA hardware project examples, PV Control, PMSM Control, etc
  • Download
StarSim Control IP Toolkit is a add-on toolkit for LabVIEW to help users design and develop power electronics controllers on NI FPGA hardware, especially on CompactRIO and Single-Board RIO. This toolkit mainly consists of control algorithm VIs and LabVIEW FPGA hardware example projects.

This toolkit contains the most frequently used power electronics control functions, such as PLL, PI and space vector pulse width modulation. These VIs are all written with the SGL (single precision floating point) data type and have been designed and optimized for the FPGA execution. These VIs are building blocks for users to create their own control diagrams.

The LabVIEW FPGA hardware projects illustrate how to integrate algorithm VIs with the NI FPGA hardware. These projects are good starting points for users to create customized controllers.

It is recommended to use this toolkit with StarSim Offline. Users can create a closed loop with their control diagram and the StarSim Offline system model, and then verify their control diagram through the closed-loop simulation.

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