Offline Map API by Innovative Solutions Develop Offline Maps with LabVIEW

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  • View and control Map within LabVIEW application; map is displayed on XY Graph control
  • Works without internet, in "offline" mode; just download map tiles (ex. with SAS Planet program)
  • Use a library of VIs for controlling maps and adding or removing objects (lines, marks, etc.)
  • Initially installs 5 zoom levels of Google satellite map with up to 24 levels available
  • Supports .jpg , .jpeg , .png and .gif tile formats
  • Download
Offline Map API by Innovative Solutions allows the user to view and control Map within a LabVIEW application displayed on the XY Graph control. Offline Map API works without the internet, in "offline" mode and is constructed fom "Map tiles". The user only needs to download map tiles in the supported .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .gif tile formats (for example with SAS Planet program).

Offline Map API is a library of toolkit VIs for controlling maps. adding or removing objects (lines, marks and text objects), and measuring distances. The software installs 5 zoom levels of Google satellite map, but it can work within 1-24 zoom levels range. Objects are grouped by Layers, which allow the user to add or remove objects by groups. Additionally, Layers have visible zoom range, so you can configure them to appear at the specified range and be invisible outside that range. 

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